Backline? What backline?

11. září 2012 v 8:33
Let's get straight to the point, we don't have a backline. There are players on the field with the numbers 9-15 on the back of their jerseys, but don't be mistaken, these players do not constitute a backline.
Set Moves - Not once did I see a set move from the backline. Have they even practiced one? This is one of the basics that you teach even schoolboy rugby players. The set move doesn't have to be hugely complex either, just a simple 10-12 pop inside for the wing would suffice. But no, HM has made it clear that the Boks must first and foremost kick the ball. The backline set moves are one of the most lethal weapons that a rugby team has, and going into battle without any is sure to result in failure.
Pointless Kicks - What is the point of kicking when you are in the opposition's half? There is little in the way of territorial advantage to be gained, as well as a high percentage chance of losing possession. Short range up-and-unders in your own half? The up-and-under is a 50/50 tactic, but using it in your own half is just risky and stupid. The only kicking the Boks should be doing is when we are in our own half behind the 10 yard line. This idea of kicking from anywhere and everywhere on the field needs to be addressed, as well as the type of kick being used.
Unused Overlaps - 4 or 5 times we blundered overlaps when we should have done much better. Are the players not trained for these situations? Even 10 year olds can utilise an overlap, so why can't the Boks? Running by yourself when their is an overlap is either selfish play or just poor decision making. Using skip passes with an overlap is also rather poor decision making. HM and his backline coach need to ensure that the Boks know how to run and pass, something that has been sorely lacking under his management.
Counterattacks - In the first 70 minutes I don't recall anyone running a kicked ball back at the Australians. We only returned the ball via kicks of our own. The best outside backs in the world are great at running at the opposition. Wings like Habana and Rokocoko, and fullbacks like Lambie and Aplon. The current gameplan in which we do not run the ball back might be suited to Zane Kirchner, but this is at the expense of having players with flair in the team.
Unpredicatability - This is the main problem with the current backline, there is absolutely ZERO unpredicability. When you see the AB's run the ball there is huge uncertainty in the defending team, they're not sure of what will happen. The Bok backline is so predictable the Australian commentators were calling our moves before Pienaar had passed the ball. This makes it far to easy to defend against the Boks, and is probably the reason we aren't scoring tries against teams that we should be hammering. England and Australia are not known for having world class defenses, and Argentina are rated quite a distance below us in the world rankings, but the predictability of our attack has allowed them to keep us at bay.

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