Greatest Heels in UFC History: Fan’s Take

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In the world of professional wrestling, heels are essential in keeping the sport entertaining. In the world of mixed martial arts, it wasn't needed at first. It had always been two men giving everything they had to win. In recent years, the use of the term heel in MMA has grown with the presence of Brock Lesnar and other fighters.
Who are the top five heels (in no particular order) in UFC history?
Brock Lesnar
Lesnar was the perfect choice to top this list. He was a great heel in professional wrestling and he transformed into a perfect heel in the UFC. After his victory at UFC 100 against Frank Mir, he told off the fans, angered a crucial UFC sponsor and upset his boss. As time went on, he continued to be an easy person to hate, especially during his coaching tenure on The Ultimate Fighter.
Josh Koscheck
Ever since Koscheck competed on TUF, his behavior made him an enemy to the fans. We've seen him verbally attack Chris Leben, Georges St-Pierre and Matt Hughes, making him public enemy No. 1 to many fans. We've even seen him get sucker-punched after a fight and surprisingly, that didn't help him gain any fans.
Frank Trigg
I think Trigg might be the original heel of MMA. When the UFC was returning to television, he was right there feuding with Hughes for the UFC welterweight title and his behavior and actions towards Hughes made him easy to boo. He has since become a great MMA announcer, but I will always remember him as a great MMA heel.
Nick Diaz
I don't personally think Diaz is a heel, but he certainly acts like one. He has no-showed events and press conferences, been suspended, bad mouthed Carlos Condit and GSP, all of which have made the fans really think about where they stand. I think his actions are hilarious, but I understand why some would dislike his brash demeanor.
Jon Jones
Jones hasn't done a good job of making friends in the UFC. From letting an unconscious Lyoto Machida drop to the mat to his feud with Rashad Evans, it has become easy for the fans to disapprove of his actions. That was even before his role in the cancellation of UFC 151 where he wouldn't fight Chael Sonnen on short notice. Jones may be the only guy in the sport that can make Sonnen go from being the most hated man in the sport to one of the most loved.

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