Light Sport Airplane Maker Offers European Delivery Option

28. září 2012 v 9:09
Light sport airplane maker Flight Design is taking a page out of the automotive marketing handbook and is offering a European delivery option. The German company builds the best-selling light sport aircraft in the world and there are nearly 350 of the two-seat airplanes flying in the United States. But most of those were delivered in shipping containers and reassembled by Flight Design USA before being delivered to customers.
The new delivery option is similar to what several European automakers provide, but in the case of Flight Design, the company is giving customers the opportunity to tour Europe by air in their new CTLSi airplane before packing it up and shipping it across the Atlantic. And for those pilots with the proper experience and a more adventurous flight in mind, Flight Design is also offering to support flying your new airplane home across the Atlantic.
Typically, light sport aircraft are thought of being ideal for shorter trips, say less than 500 miles. But like many LSA designs, the fuel-efficient, composite Flight Design aircraft are capable of cruising at more than 130 miles per hour and are commonly used to fly longer trips across the country. With the proper preparation and safety equipment, the CTLSi can make the multi-leg flight from Scotland to Iceland to Greenland to Canada. The company's CT airplanes have made around-the-world trips on three different occasions (including a pair of Indian Air Force pilots and a Swiss Team).
Flight Design will offer guidance for pilots while in Europe including help with flight planning and briefings on the differences between flying in European country's compared to the more familiar skies above the U.S. and Canada.
The light sport aircraft category in the United States was created in 2004 as a way to make flying more accessible. Light sport pilots are limited to flying aircraft with no more than two seats and a maximum weight of 1,320 pounds. There are many aircraft that fall into the light sport aircraft category both old and new. Models range from new composite aircraft like the Flight Design, vintage aircraft such as the Piper J-3 Cub to homebuilt aircraft and even amphibious airplanes.
For pilots, the training is reduced from a minimum of 40 hours for a normal pilot's license, to a minimum of 20 hours for the sport pilot license. There are some limits on the pilot, including flying only during the day. But for the most part, a sport pilot flying a light sport aircraft can fly to most of the same locations as other pilots.

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