Stern might be the Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys best sports commmissioner ever

30. října 2012 v 8:50 | sports
Don't think that date National Basketball Association commissioner chose to retire was arbitrary. Feb. 1, 2014, will mark to the day a 30-year tenure Stern, 70, will have had as commissioner. Even if this provides for a 15-month transition period, you don't set a retirement date for the middle of the season unless you want to make a clear line of distinction for what did and what did not occur during your tenure. Stern wants his legacy to be exactly 3 decades. When people look back, Stern wants a 30-year review - not one a little more or one a little less. "I told the [NBA board of governors] that it's been a great run that will continue for another 15 months," said Stern, who announced his retirement Thursday. "I think the league is in terrific condition Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys. "I said I'd like to think that I did an adequate job." In nearly 2 decades of writing about the Sixers and the NBA, I've interviewed Stern many times and never found him to be overly modest. Still, he's selling himself short if he thinks - which he really doesn't - the job he did was just adequate. Stern will go down in history as arguably the best commissioner in American professional team sports. The late NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle, whose record tenure of 29-plus years will be broken by Stern by a month, is the only other who can rival Stern in terms of increasing a league's stature Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys. Rozelle's foresight for the NFL as a television sport and his push for revenue-sharing propelled the NFL into the most popular professional sport in the United States. But Stern's tenure also provided financial boons for the NBA. During his tenure, Stern has led the NBA to unprecedented growth in team value, player salary and international marketing. A league that once struggled to maintain its place in the United States is now a global powerhouse that has made basketball a world game, second only to soccer. All of that happened under Stern's watch. When Stern took over from Larry O'Brien in 1984, the NBA was just starting to recover from the perception that it was "too black" and filled with drug users. The arrival of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson had sparked public interest, but games during the 1980 Finals featuring Johnson and the 1981 Finals featuring Bird aired on tape-delay Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys. Not to take away from Stern, but he did have the extreme good fortune of taking over at the same time the 1984 draft class came along. That class featured Hakeem Olajuwon, Charles Barkley, John Stockton and some other guy named Michael Jordan. Stern recognized the commercial appeal of Jordan, and, to the chagrin of a lot of traditional fans, the NBA made a conscious effort to market its individual stars. That business decision changed the NBA. You can argue over whether the "me-first" attitude the league marketed was good for the game itself. But off the court, the icon status reached by Jordan, Johnson, Bird and others lifted the NBA to record profits Cheap Womens Jerseys. Under Stern, the league has added seven new franchises - the Charlotte Hornets, Minnesota Timberwolves, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Memphis Grizzlies, Toronto Raptors and, after the Hornets moved to New Orleans, the Charlotte Bobcats. In 1992, the participation of a Dream Team of NBA stars at the Barcelona Olympics opened the way to the global marketing of the NBA. Ironically, Stern and the NBA initially rejected the idea of sending its players to the Olympics - failing to foresee the international cultural impact. But once the Dream Team phenomenon began, the league was quick to ride the coattails of its players. Its international impact for the NBA is still being calculated Cheap Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys.

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