Canceled Before The Nba Regular Season Game Two Weeks

1. března 2013 v 3:52
Canceled Before The Nba Regular Season Game Two Weeks Employers have been very hard, and we once again give way, it has proved that we really worked hard. "In the negotiations after the end of NBA commissioner David Stern said, but in yesterday's negotiations, Stern did not give way, as he put it in yesterday's negotiations, employers promised them a day after the two sides is divided into 55 program withdraw from the negotiating table, and insisted the players were only able to account for related income (BRI) 47% of employers suddenly changed their mind and let the players union by surprise, and ultimately both sides failed in the ensuing negotiations to reach agreement on a new agreement. In 1998, NBA regular season due to labor disputes resulting in shrinkage of 50 games, the player losses totaled $ 600 million, and the Alliance is to reach a loss of $ 1.5 billion yesterday, this . "Unfortunately, conventional only two weeks before the race canceled the game. "After the collapse, according to another and the players union, Stern announced the resignation decision in accordance with the provisions of the new NBA season schedule, the abolition of the regular season two weeks to cancel the game means that a total of 100 games, which accounted for the NBA calendar 10% reported that the new season of NBA-related income is expected to reach 40 billion U.S. dollars, 10% of the race was canceled would mean a loss of $ 400 million (about 2.6 billion yuan), where the game will result in the cancellation of two weeks player in $ 165 million loss, like Kobe Bryant will lose one $ 3 million to further upgrade if labor disputes, the first month of regular season games all canceled, players will encounter in $ 750 million (about 4.8 billion yuan) huge losses. NBA lockout, wealthy bosses can "carry the dead." The players took the high wages can persist, or go overseas for a better contract can also be another way advertisers are looking for new cooperation partner, the only "injury can not afford" the NBA is that the service staff who, according to expert analysis, assuming that the new season NBA game completely canceled, a total of 29 league arena staff will face huge San Antonio Spurs Jerseys economic losses, the total amount of up to $ 10 million. NBA League prosperity derived out of the guide member, security guards, parking lot cashier, food service workers and other jobs for the alliance, which also reduces the number of U.S. pressure on employment, but With the NBA lockout, a step by step upgrade, the service staff for the NBA would be faced with reduced San Antonio Spurs Jerseys working hours or into the , 14 million unemployed dilemma. to Staples Center, for example, as the Lakers and Clippers shared home, Staples Center will undertake each New York Knicks Jerseys season, a total of 82 regular season games of the task at Staples Center, the restaurant industry alone, nearly 700 staff, if the season be canceled, These workers will have nothing to do, according to Service Employees International Union Master Xijiaxiya said: "In California, a total of four NBA teams, are the Lakers, Clippers, Warriors and Kings. And just three arena (Lakers and Clippers share the same home) there are nearly 1,000 staff (janitor, waiter and ticket inspectors), according to this figure inference, the league's staff had nearly ten thousand people . In addition, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. With the business with the NBA lockout would be no small influence, if the NBA continues to shut down, the hotel waiter, bar waiter, hotel staff that have tens of thousands of jobs will certainly be substantially reduced, a conservative estimate at least 50,000 people lose their jobs involved. "

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