Charlotte Bobcats, The Rising Star In Nba When I reminde the Bobcats

1. března 2013 v 3:52
Charlotte Bobcats, The Rising Star In Nba When I reminde the Bobcats, you could say that it was famous for the NBA 2012 All Star Jerseys Micheal Jordan, but here the team was not the former one, They were founded in 2004 with the status of an expansion team a couple of years after the former NBA team of Charlotte that was the Charlotte Hornets. After 2 seasons, Their home ground became the Time Boston Celtics Jerseys Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte. And the Charlotte Hornets, relocated to New Orleans and became the New Orleans Hornets. Their jerseys become the popularity around world. The club changed their jersyes design along the history. The primary away jersey was orange reading "Charlotte" in white with blue and black trimming. In the 2006 offseason, the Bobcats announced a new alternate away jersey which debuted during the 200607 season. The alternate jersey is blue and read reads "Bobcats" in white with black, orange and white trimming. Until 2009, home jerseys have been white, reading "Bobcats" in orange with blue and black trimming. For the 200910 season, the Bobcats redesigned their uniforms, which have a mixture of characteristics from the old Charlotte Hornets and the Bobcats uniforms. The home uniforms are white and features an arched "Bobcats" in blue with orange and white trim. Road uniforms are blue and features the arched "Charlotte" in white with blue and orange trim. Both designs feature silver pinstripes, similar to what the Hornets have worn. As the Bodcat fans, I feel very exciting to see their performance, although they was one of the most young team, but they managed to defeat the Orlando Magic at 111-100 in November, 2004 to record their first victory. they defeated the New Orleans Hornets at a score of 94-93. Then hey went on and posted Orlando Magic Jerseys a finishing record of 18-64 which gave them the 4th place. Their Rookie was awarded with the Rookie of the Year award. In a victory over the Phoenix Suns, at the end of the 201011 season, the Bobcats have compiled a record of 222352, and have qualified for the postseason once. In 2008 they clinched a naming rights deal with the largest cable television provider in the entire Charlotte. As a result they were given maximum exposure and coverage on the network during their first four year. So we hope they could creat more glories in future, more and more fans could wear their jerseys to cheer for this stars.

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